I look down at my hands and see they aren't soft and manicured. I've always been a Tom boy, since I was a young kid. I like getting my hands dirty and tinkering. Gardening, wood working, miscellaneous handy-man and building projects are fun. When my mind is full, it's nice to focus on sanding out an old table that needs to be resurfaced while I ponder some other brain problem. Crochet is also good for that. I keeps my hands busy while my mind works on learning a new task via video or I think out project details. And usually something cool comes out of it, like a blanket or lovely piece of furniture.

In the late 90's, I hadn't much interest in computers or the internet. I remember coming across an ad to win a gaming system for opening a account, so I signed up. It was a hosting company and they had ridiculously simple tool for making websites. I made one dedicated to Dr. Seuss. I think I downloaded a photo of every Dr. Seuss piece of art ever made. I didn't win the gaming system. But that was enough to get me hooked.

I was so intrigued by building websites, learning came fast and easily. I took a semester of Computer Science classes, and before it was over, I landed a job as a web developer for a major computer company through a temp agency. I had a ton of odd jobs building websites for local businesses and nonprofits. Years later I worked as an internet marketing manager. I managed a team of off-site affiliates, in-house designers, copywriters, off-site server keepers and various vendors. The company was a generations old print company. My job was to make all things print, digital. The whole internet part of the company was new and a lot of the people I worked with had done things their way for generations with the coolest printing machines and tools of old. I noticed a lot of our graphic designers were producing results that didn't work right for the web. That is when I decided to go back to school. This time for Graphic Design, so I could help make our web presence totally rockin'. Totally worked. They got bought out by a larger competitor.

I have always had an eye for photography. Portraits, landscapes, and real estate photography are things I excel at. I have a knack for capturing moments, and with my background in graphic design and portrait editing for a nationwide company, you can be sure that your final results will be outstanding.

My current passion is school gardens and school lunch programs. I am a natural green thumb, and have an intense interest in nutrition and cooking. I have been putting together resources for learning gardens to keep children engaged in different gardening activities year round. I think food should be free and community gardens should be the backbone of communities.

All of my socks are identical. I tend to get multiples of the same items in the same colors so I don’t have to give much thought to what to wear. If I could live anywhere, it would be within sight of a beach.