I look down at my hands and see they aren't soft and manicured. I've always been a Tom boy, since I was a young kid. I like getting my hands dirty and tinkering. Gardening, wood working, miscellaneous handy man and building projects are fun. When my mind is full, it's nice to focus on sanding out an old table that needs to be resurfaced while I ponder some other brain problem. Crochet is also good for that. I keeps my hands busy while my mind works on learning a new task via video or I think out project details. And usually something cool comes out of it, like a blanket or lovely piece of furniture.

In the late 90's, I hadn't much interest in computers or the internet. I had a roommate who convinced me to do some playing around, check out random stuff for awhile and just get used to the idea because computers were everywhere and just getting more everywhere. I think I downloaded a photo of every Dr. Seuss piece of art ever made.

I remember coming across an ad to win a gaming system for opening a account. So I signed up. I don't even remember the site, just that it was a hosting company and they had ridiculously simple tool for making websites. I made one dedicated to Dr. Seuss. I didn't win the gaming system. But that was enough to get me interested in building websites.

I was so intrigued by building websites, learning came fast and easily. I took a semester of Computer Science classes, and before it was over, I landed a job as a web developer for a major computer company through a temp agency. I had a ton of odd jobs building websites for local businesses and non-profits. I learned so much working there.

Years later I worked as an internet marketing manager. I managed a team of off-site affiliates, in-house designers, copywriters, off-site server keepers and various vendors. The company was a generations old print company. My job was to make all things print, digital. The whole internet part of the company was new and a lot of the people I worked with had done things their way for generations with the coolest printing machines and tools of old. I noticed a lot of our graphic designers were producing results that didn't work right for the web. That is when I decided to go back to school. This time for Graphic Design, so I could help make our web presence totally rockin'. Totally worked. They got bought out by a larger competitor.

All of my socks are identical. I used to give more thought to wearing funky socks, but as I've gotten older it matters less.